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The Paparazzi Party is a quarterly Fashion Show, Social & Networking event based in California wherein each show features 2-3 accomplished Designers.  The conviction of The Paparazzi Party is to celebrate diversity in Fashion, Culture and People.  Gorgeous models draped in amazing garments by Featured Designers walk their unique lines during each segment of the evening.  After a showcase buyers and patrons have the unique opportunity to order lines and patrons may purchase garments as well.

Each designer (2-3 per event) have their own theme that we celebrate. Each monthly show will feature different designers that will have different requirements.  Models, be encouraged to come out to our casting call and do your thing!  If you’re not a fit for this show, you just maybe perfect or  the next!


Attend a The Paparazzi Party event and have the unique opportunity to network with designers, shop vendors and meet agents to collaborate on projects beyond The Paparzzi Party showcase.  The Paparazzi Party features 3-5 vendors from the Los Angeles to San Francisco and around the world!


The Bay Area’s cultural scene includes theater, museums and art galleries, dance performances, music and of course, fashion.

Museums and commercial galleries are courting big tech money; institutions are being restructured; spaces are opening and (more often) closing; and designers, artists and photographers do the hard, on-the-scene work of holding it all together, making incredible wearable art and exhibits with increasingly limited time, resources and space.  The Paparazzi Party features a quarterly rountable of Fashion Designers, Photographers, Artists, Agents and Models that contribute to the art and fashion scene of The Bay Area that must also be supported and celebrated for the culture itself to survive.


A portion of the proceeds will benefit a Bay Area non-profit in Oakland.  Oakland Natives Give Back Fund Inc. (ONGB) is an Oakland, CA. based nonprofit 501(c)(3) that addresses the truancy and chronic absenteeism epidemic in OUSD with innovative programs and strategic initiatives that engage the entire community.  In partnership with Assemblymember Rob Bonta, The Office of the Mayor, Oakland Parks & Recreation, Oakland Unified School District and local community and corporate leaders, ONGB aims to raise awareness around daily attendance.  Up and coming artist will struggle without a proper education and work ethic.

Thank you for your interest and support and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to foster the Bay Area’s Fashion and Arts Community.

Michael Belcher, Producer


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